A list of commands that can be used for my Twitch channel chat.


Reminder of use of channel points on on-screen message displays during Animal Crossing: New Horizons.



Specs of the given computer / keyboard / etc. being built, or message stating that nothing is currently being built.



Acknowledgement of the presence of a non-working tape deck.

Aliases:!cassettes, !tape, !tapedeck, !nakamichi

!category [name]

Changes the stream category / game (mods only).



Link to donation page for San Francisco-Marin Food Bank.

Aliases:!support, !donate, !bits, !sub, !subs, !subscribe


Acknowledgement of poor gameplay or stream content quality. This is scored on a leaderboard that is displayed on the ticker overlay. Rank can be checked with !rank. Many slight misspelling variants to allow for spammabillity.

Aliases:!rekt, (many others)


Link to personal collection of keyboards.

Aliases:!keyboards, !boards


Link to this page.


Splatoon 2 control settings.

Aliases:!sensitivity, !sens, !motion


List of names of devices associated with the account that plays music.


Invitation link to Discord.


Nintendo Switch friend code.


Link to film development / scanning service form.


Link to list of gear.

Aliases:!camera, !cameras, !cam, !cams, !facecam, !microphone, !mic, !lavmic, !microphones, !mics, !lighting, !audio, !soldering, !desoldering, !joycon, !scanning


Link to personal GitHub account.


Description of any giveaways being held in the current stream.



Acknowledgement of high-quality gameplay or stream content.


Link to personal Instagram.


Disapproval of use of term.


Keyboard(s) currently being driven.



Acknowledgement of channel viewer not active in chat.


Specs of primary workhorse PC.


Link to plate files I've used.



Individual user's all-time rank on the !chrissucks leaderboard.

!so [user]

Acknowledgement of Twitch user.


Link to Linktree for personal social media presence.


Stream song currently playing.


Specs of secondary / streaming PC.


Acknowledgement of rising number of channel subscriptions.

!title [msg]

Changes the stream title (mods only).


Link to personal Twitter.


Stream uptime. Many variants starting with the "up" prefix. More useful in mobile than on desktop, ever since desktop Twitch began displaying the running stream time underneath the player.

Aliases:!up, !updog, !uptown, (many others)


Link to discogs page with reminder of use of channel points on randomized or selected vinyl record plays.

Aliases:!records, !discogs


Link to this personal website.



Link to YouTube VOD channel.

Aliases:!yt, !vod, !vods

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